A Day a the Races

Slot Car Racing

Do you like fast cars like Porsches, Ferraris, Trans-Ams, NASCAR and Formula 1? Imagine having the car of your dreams in the palm of your hand and then racing it! This is possible with Slot Car racing! Which people of all ages, gender; family and friends could enjoy together! Slot Car racing is a creative hobby and quite popular all over the world like England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and the USA. Slot Car racing can bring people together and turn them into life-long friends since it's one of the most interactive & action packed racing game! A Day at the Races shares true accounts of the author's racing experiences as we journey through the Slot Car racing world through his eyes. He shares what Slot Car enthusiasts experience when prepping, racing and then competing for a championship event. The author touches on various subjects such as Slot Car Club racing rules & strategies, car set-up, gear ratios, racing categories, 1/32 scale figures, scenery and lots of Slot Car photos! Also included is a bonus chapter where the author interviews the most influential people in the Slot Car Industry from Scalextric, Slot.it, Carrera, SCX and many more! Keep it in the slot!