Dear Author,

Creating and editing pages on your Pubwriter site is actually quite simple (once I show you how) and only requires a dropbox account (which you probably already have). You just have to be sure to install the dropbox app on your mac or PC so that your updates are automatically sync'd with your website.

Formatting is handled via Markdown, which uses plain text files, when saved are automatically transformed into more attractive HTML. With markdown (.md), you use some very basic semantics to trigger a formatting result (such as bold, italic, hyperlinks, h1, h2, etc..). Another great aspect of markdown is that it's supported in both AuthorDock and PubWriter.

Whether you are creating a new page or updating an existing one, within 60 seconds after you hit 'save', it's live on the site (you do have to refresh the page).

It's a pretty remarkable solution once you see it in action.

If you interested in adopting it for yourself, feel free to reach out to me to discuss setting up a limited time trial.


A publishing accelerator

PubWriter is a true 'one-click' publishing system that I developed to circumvent the issues I was continually running into with other web publishing solutions. My own wordpress sites got hacked on several occasions. PubWriter is simply set of fast-loading static webpages, so there's nothing to hack.

I have yet to see a solution as simple. There is no CMS (content management system) to login to. What you write is literally published on your own website the moment (within 1 minute) you hit save.

I often refer to PubWriter as blank web canvas capable of hooking to nearly any system that supports standard HTML embedding like YouTube, Vimeo, PDFs, images, audio, and more. I also like the analogy: It's like a webcam for Authors.

Because PubWriter pages are static, the pages load extremely fast (which Google likes) and are fully responsive (read easily on mobile devices). PubWriter pages are low bandwidth (unless you are embedding bandwidth intensive content) which allows them to load fast through slower connections (often the case on mobile devices).

PubWriter is the web as simplified as it can be.

Read the PubWriter Manifesto.

Discover the freedom of clicking save to publish and Signup for PubWriter today!

PS: The page is voice-enabled. Simply highlight any line to have it read to you.